Welcome TVMA members to the 2014 registration period.

Our TVMA Website and our Eventbrite event processing site is ready for your registration.  Please click on the Annual Meeting and Registration to register for this years annual meeting.

Dear TVMA Members and guests,

I would like to announce that the 2014 Tennessee Vegetation Management Association Annual Meeting registration is available now.  Please go to our website and process your registration as soon as possible.  Our annual meeting will again be at the Franklin, TN Marriott Hotel.  This year’s dates are October 9 and 10.  The meeting starts at 12 noon central time.

We have another great educational and interesting meeting for you.  This year Buddy Mitchell, Senior Vice Chancellor, University of Tennessee, Institute of Agriculture will kick off our meeting.

Continuing Education Credits will be available in our industry categories.  Last year we had up to 10 points.  We will have our agenda finished up and available shortly.    Please check back for updates.

Exhibitors please register as soon as possible for space in our exhibitor’s room.  We are expecting a full room.

Sponsors please let us know your intentions.  We have sponsorships available for the two breaks, breakfast and our evening reception.

Sponsors for the scholarship please let us know your intentions.

We look forward to entries for the scholarship monies from our TVMA member’s children or acquaintances.  Please read the scholarship program for details in our website.

Best way to register for the annual meeting is through the Eventbrite site.  Inside the TVMA website at, , click on Annual Meeting and Registration, Click on registration, and at the bottom of the page, click here to register for the event.

John Davis
TVMA Secretary Treasurer


2014 Tennessee Vegetation Management Conference

Oct. 9-10, 2014


Thursday, October 9, 2014

Session One


12:00-12:10   Introductions

12:10-12:30   Opening Remarks ~Buddy Mitchell, Senior Vice Chancellor, University of Tennessee, Institute of Agriculture

12:30-1:15     Industry Exhibitors ~ Introductions and Updates

1:15-1:30       Tennessee Department of Agriculture ~ Updates, Questions, and Answers ~Kathy Booker, TDA Pesticide Administrator

1:30-2:15       Applicator Safety – Safe use of “Our” Herbicide Products ~ Bill Kline, William N. Kline, LLC, retired Dow AgroSciences, LLC

2:15-3:00       New Options for Vegetation Management along Railroads ~Jose J. Vargas, M.S., Research Associate- Turf & Ornamental Weed Science, University of Tennessee

3:00-3:30       Exhibit Time and Sponsored Food and Drink Break

3:30-4:15       Understanding White-Tail Deer Behavior and Its Impact on Highway Safety ~ Mark Conner, Ph.D., Manager, Chesapeake Farms, DuPont

5:30-7:30      Sponsored Reception


Friday, October 10, 2014

Session Two

7:00-8:00      Sponsored Breakfast Sandwiches in Exhibit Hall

8:00-8:05       Announcements

8:05-8:20       Business Meeting

8:20-9:10       Pulling Out Stuck Spray Equipment ~ Fred Whitford, Ph.D., Purdue Extension

9:10-10:00     Individual Plant Treatment: Choose the Right Application Method~ Bill Kline, William N. Kline, LLC, retired Dow AgroSciences LLC

10:00-10:30   Exhibit Time and Sponsored Food and Drink Break

10:30-11:15   Value of the SDS ~Jacob Hodnett, Forestry & IVM Sales Specialist, Dow AgroSciences LLC

11:15-12:00   Adjuvants and the Spray Droplet ~ Fred Whitford, Ph.D., Purdue Extensio

12:00-12:45   The Importance of Site Assessment ~ Randy Denhart, Regional Account Manager DuPont Land Management


2014 Meeting Pictures

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2014 Meeting Dates Announced

The 2014 Annual TVMA Metting will be held on  October 9 & 10  at the Marriott Cool Springs in Franklin, TN.

More information on this year’s meeting coming soon. Be sure to get the latest by checking back here at the TVMA News page.

Scholarship Winners

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Thank you for your applications this year. The Scholarship Committee is pleased to announce our  $1000 Scholarship Winners for this year is Shawn Butler from UT Martin. Congratulations and we look forward to seeing you at the 2014 TVMA Meeting.



2014 Speaker Bio’s

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